Transfer PhonePe Cashback into Bank Account

Hello Guys, Today we are Transfer PhonePe cashback into Bank Account. How to Transfer PhonePe Cashback into Bank Account ? Don’t Worry Guys Today i Give You all Steps for Transfer Your cashback into Bank Account. We are know that first PhonePe give 100 Rupees cashback but now PhonePe give only 70 Rupees Cashback. 70 Rupees is a good For us. So Now how to transfer your cashback into Bank Account.

In a PhonePe, Which we have receive cashback, we can’t transfer to another mobile number or not a bank account. We are only buying or paying from this cashback. but here we buying one product ( one product name is next paragraph ) and selling. So Cashback is transfer into Real Money means Now you can transfer your cashback into bank account or send to your Friend. So finally Following These Steps for Transfer cashback into Bank account.

#Step 1: You Have a some cashback money into your PhonePe Wallet.

#Step 2: Search Into PhonePe, Gold Option ( Between Gift Cards and redBus )

#Step 3: Click On Gold.

#Step 4: Here, For example You have 70 Rupees cashback. So buying 70 Rupees Gold.

#Step 5: After a Day Selling Your 70 Rupees Gold And 70 Rupees transfer automatic into your link account. [ why After a day ? because Which day you buy a gold you can’t selling these day So selling Next Day ]

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