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This horse from Turkey was announced the most beautiful horse in the world.

About 7000 peoples are killed every year because of doctor’s sloppy writing.

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Cracking your knuckles does not hurt your bones or cause arthritis. The second your hear is just gas bubbles bursting.

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 It took 32 armies from different countries ( including the U.S. ) to break the Iraqi army during the golf war.

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Real Diamond don’t Show in X-Ray.

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The smallest turtle ever hatched at pacific northwest Turtleworks weighting in at 1.22 grams.

There is Valcano in Indonesia that spews blue lava.

China’s Anji Bridge, Built in 605 CE. Is the Largest and oldest stone-arched in the world and is still in use today. It’s survived 1400 years of floods, war, and earthquakes without needing to have any of its 28 original structural slabs replaced. 

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