Top 3 Best Earning Applications

Here I suggest top 3 android application for making money and data recharging. This 3 application are 100% trusted and verified.

Slide :

Many Application available in Play store for making Money by referral or earning apps. But Slide is best for Making money. Slide is give 5 Rs. Signup bonus with 10 Rs. Every successful referral. Referral means you invite your friends And your friend download by your Link So you get 10rs. And your friend get 5 rs. For more details :
Slide is the best earning apps in android platform. Slide is give paytm cash in over paytm account. So we are transfer paytm money into bank And as well as shopping From paytm Mall. So Slide is best for making money online.
Now we discuss how gives you money from slide.

  • Slide gives you Rs. 5 sign up bonus which will get credited to your account where you verify your account via OTP.
  • And you earn Rs. 10 for every successful referral.
  • You can redeem also in Free Recharge.

I know you think It’s Fake or didn’t pay your money, You Check their user’s review in Play Store. It is one of the trusted application as per user’s review. And most important you will redeem when you reach minimum threshold that is Rs. 50. I personally tested this application and it is very useful For MAKING MONEY.

Related Applications :
Task Bucks
Pocket Money
This application are available in playstore.

  • I Personally suggest you use True balance I verified it is best Application All of this.

True Balance:

( 30 millions+ users )

There are many applications available for making money in android platform.
Like Slide, Ladoo, Task bucks, data back, champ cash. But true balance is very useful application and give 5rs too. True Balance is available in Play store. But you Will make money so download here. If You directly download by play store you don’t get 5rs.
Reason : If you directly Download So you don’t referral and True balance is referral application. So You download by Link you will get 5Rs.
For more money shared Your true balance link In Social Medias. Like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.
If You don’t believe you also check in play store and also check users review.

  • True balance is also use for check your mobile data and Mobile recharge with very interesting offers.
  • It is also useful for checking Your Mobile data.

So how we get 10 rupees.

  • It is very simple Now many applications give referral money.
  • True balance is referral application too.
  • If your friend give you link And you download it by link so you and your friend referral 10Rs successfully.

NOTE : If you directly Download by Play store You don’t get any money.
So Download True balance Here
You Will get 5rs. Successfully.

For more money you send your Link your Friend and Your Family members.
And Your friend open your link And Download and Sign up So you And Your Friend Will get 10Rs.
And now we discuss,
How to save your mobile data : If you data pack is end so you data pack recharge with this application. ( How you use mobile data all over data is saving in application and you recharged again)



This is best application for recharge Mobile data. You want to get free mobile data ?? If Yes, Then this application especially for you. It is most popular application for data recharging. Why ?? Because This application give free mobile data recharge. And More this application referral so share your Databack Link All your Friends, Family members as well as Sharing in Social medias. This application is also available in play store. If you want free data recharge so this application is only for you.

  • Share your link and you will get 25 MB data every successful referral.
  • It’s awesome application, 100% trusted And genius application.

You can Download by Playstore.

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