Take Screenshot in Laptop like Android

How to take a screenshot in laptop or computer without any application ? Here i give you special keys for taking a screenshot in laptop or computer. And also tell Where screenshots save.

First, you need to confirm your PrtScr key is activate. If you want to take screenshot you need to press Modifier key at the same time. The modifier keys most of like Shift or Alt but the window Key is only modifier required to activate the ( PrtScr) Print Screen’s capture. One good way to check if anything’s happening is to ensure that certain visual effects are enabled: When you activate PrtScr Window will briefly dim the screen to indicate a screenshot has been captured and saved.

For Screenshot :

  • Window Key + PrtScr Key
  • Window key + Alt + PrtScr key
  • Window key + shift + PrtScr key

When Screen Dims, A screenshot has been saved.

Screenshot Location:

C:\ Users \ [username] \ Pictures \Screenshots

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