JIVI 4G smartphone Selling effective Price of Only Rs 699

Smartphone and feature phone maker company, Mobiels has launched the world’s fastest growing mobile network and the largest data network company Reliance Jio together with 4G Volte smartphones in just Rs 699.

According to the statement given by the company, Reliance Jio is offering cash back of 2200 rupees under the Jio Football offer on all 4G smartphones of Givi Mobiles. There is also a Brand Revolution TNT 3 from the five brands under this cashback offer, which will be the worlds first touch and type smartphone hybrid model for users moving from feature phones to smartphones.

Pankaj Anand, CEO of Jivi Mobiles, said that as a company in Jivi, we believe in the principle of providing opportunities for giving new technology to the asteroids. He said that considering the 4G technology in rural areas and the growing demand for smartphones, we need to understand the changing needs of our customers and produce the product accordingly.

The Energy E3 is priced at Rs 2,899, The cashback Rs 2,200 will be offered by Reliance Jio in the form of 44 recharge vouchers worth Rs 50. Currently, the offer is only available for pre-paid users.

These cashback vouchers can be availed by the user only through the MyJio application and can be availed till May 31, 2022. The Jio Football offer is available for both existing and new Jio customers.

Reliance Jio is calling it the ‘Jio Football offer’ and can be availed on various other popular smartphone brands like Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, Nokia, LG, Honor and many more.

Pankaj Anand said we will be able to make our customers available at 4G Volte smartphones at an effective price of Rs 699.

Prashant Gediya

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