How to Make money by Facebook

Here we discuss about make money by Facebook. Facebook is Biggest Social Media. This is best platform for making money. you are know that Facebook have largest Community. Here I tell you all process to make money by Facebook.


We are all use daily Facebook and you see that Many pages Like MeraNews, ABP news etc. You make your own Facebook page and start earning money by Facebook. If You have already Facebook pages following this steps and you have not Facebook page Please make your own Facebook page. And Most Important You have a one own Website. If You have not Website Don’t Worry. Second way of make money by Facebook are below.

You have a Website and You put Directly publish your articles In Facebook You easily Monetize your Facebook pages and Start Earning. So following steps.

  • First you have a one Facebook page.
  • You have own website.
  • After You search in google ” Facebook Instant Articles “.
  • And Sign up with your Facebook.
  • Few Settings after In Your Facebook pages adding this category¬† ” Facebook instant Articles “.

In a Facebook Instant Articles settings you have see Monetize your page. If You Monetize your page Facebook take 2 to 3 days for Monetize your page.

Second Way to Earn Money:

If you have not website Don’t Worry. Here you have only One Page and Only One Adsense Account in Google. If You have Adsense Account In Google You easily Make Money By Adsense + Facebook.If You have a simple Page. After Follow This Process.

  • First you have one Facebook Pages.
  • And Adsense account For Advertisement.
  • Now you search in Facebook ” Static HTML “.

You see ” Static HTML – Thunderpenny ” Click This Page.

After Click This Page You see Use App button. Click Use App Button.

First Like and following after you can use App Button. After clicking the button select the page.

Now You can write here your Facebook Page post. But here First putting your adsense code and after write your post or articles. So In Your Page starting Adsense advertisement and You start earning by Facebook.


Prashant Gediya

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.