5 Ways Finding Your lost Android Device

Finding Your Lost Android Devices

we know that many years google give us lot of tools and features. Google give us Security features for android devices. In 2003, Google introduced Device Manager service Which helps in finding your lost device. in last years Company released some more features for find your lost devices. The Find My Device feature is default enable on Android device. Any android smartphones  or device using internet connection and you have must sign in google and in a google setting you enable location feature. You easily find Your Smart Phones and Devices. If you have Android Devices you easily use This features.

Display Last known Location:

If you phone not connected to the internet and your phone is lost so It cannot display Your device current location. You can only search your last Phone or device location, You can see Find My Device feature for last known location from the google map location. If you want current location you must turn on internet connection.

Improved usability:

In this tools user can select common actions. Like ring, Lock and Erase. If you want Ring in your lost mobile or Lock your mobile or erase your mobile you can do it. you sign in google account in other device and use these features.

Display Battery Level:

In Find My Device tools you will get also notification about the battery level. it tells the amount of battery left in users allow the estimate times and reach their smartphone.

Display last connected Wi-Fi access points:

If you use this features you can download the App. This App is also display The last connected Wi-Fi access point. So You can determine the location of your lost Smartphones or devices. and most important your location is enable in lost Mobiles or Devices. And last

Google home and Android Wear:

user can easily find their lost mobiles and watch location. If your both mobile devices location is enable or You select Google Application in your android devices. Select the Google¬† application and ask the google. You Ask ” Ok Google, Where is My Phone? “.

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