3 simple ways to make money online

One of the best things about the internet. It is the best way to start a earning money. It is help make Money by yourself. Most of the students and freelancers are make money by this ways.

1. Blogging:

Now, Today it is best way to make money online. This is not easy but this is best for you and all Over. If you interesting writing or new ideas you start your own blog. There are many blog sites are available for the beginner blogger. For example: WordPress.com, Blogger (powered by Google), Wix etc.

Here, you make own blog or website, your online storefront. And post very attractive content. You can also post useful information in the form of articles, Latest updates, Tips & Tricks and anything in your mind.

One thing to keep in your mind if you make website or blogger. You focus on only one specific category if you make website or blog for how to make money, you only focus on How to Make Money in your blog.

you’ve been providing useful free content. After you start affiliate program. Today many affiliate program is available like Google adsense, Share a sale, Media.net etc.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

You know that affiliate marketing is one of the most use for Moneymaker online. There many types of affiliate marketing. Here discuss Amazon and ebay affiliate marketing.

First you have a own blog or website or social media profile. I know you have a social media profile. You make a group for more money in Facebook, Instagram etc.

Well-known ecommerce site you know that Amazon, ebay powerful sales and marketing plateforms. Million people are visit these sites to shop.
If Amazon and ebay pay you for sale in their sites.

You start your affiliate marketing in this ways.
• You search in Google Amazon affiliate and sign up this sites.
• Select any product you sale.
• If you select any product you get a link.
• This link SHARE with your Facebook group, WhatsApp group, website, blog, etc.
• After your friends click your link and buy this product you get 40% commission.
Product wise commission is different.

In ebay this is same method of making money.

3. Your own YouTube channel

There are millions users in YouTube. You know that in YouTube you watch ads In video. This is the also best way for Making money by YouTube. What can you do for Making money by YouTube. You need a very large times views for Making money.

Ideas For Making Valuable video: now most views in Tech updates, Unboxing, Comedy videos, Prank etc.

YouTube is very simple way to earn money. It is very easy and make money by Google.

You make a your YouTube channel now and get high views in your videos and make money by Google adsense. Google adsense is big affiliate marketing. More about YouTube and how make Money by YouTube Click here

How increase your YouTube Views the trick is also available. for the trick click here

This three methods of making money is very easy and most of the students and freelancers are make own blog, Facebook group for affiliate marketing and YouTube channel.

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